Our Story

Shagika is an active verb that means to uplift or
to nurture a person or an idea. Shagika Tales
was founded in 2014 by a team of all female di-
rectors, as an independent feminist company that
tells stories of humanity, identity, race, gender,
and wellness. Shagika is true to the experience of
those whose stories are rarely centred on the big
screen, tapping into indigenous African knowledge
to highlight, preserve, and document decolonised
forms of knowledge, art, and life.

Our films and projects are funded through the
ethic of Shagika, sourcing nurturing support
first from the pockets of our producers, families,
friends, and crowdfunding drives. We then take
them to filmmarkets in search of other financiers,
contributors, and partner producers.
We have done a number of commercial and social
projects. If you would like to get involved in any of
our projects, contact us at: