rushagatira fund

Rushagatira Foundation

The Rushagatira Foundation was founded by Patience Nitumwesiga with her partner Phil Wilmot in 2021 in loving memory of their late child Rushagatira Akiza.

The fund is a simple gesture of comradeship with the people of Uganda working to rise above cultural despotism, neoliberalism, and climate change. It is a communing between the living and those who have come before. It is a small grassroots liberation fund seeded by the modest earnings of Nitumwesiga and Phil who are both writers and cultural workers.

Nitumwesiga and Phil aim to give at least one humble contribution each month of at least 300,000 /= Uganda shillings to an individual or group running one of the following:

  1. a brave or imaginative artistic work
  2. a creative or courageous direct action
  3. a rewilding or indigenous ecology effort

The application is very brief and can be completed here. Applications are received on a rolling basis. Occasionally the fund will announce specific offerings in addition to these three types of efforts.

The fund is open to additional contributions. Those who would like to donate to the fund so that more/larger donations can be offered can do so by reaching out to shagikatales[at]gmail{dot}com.